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There must be legal protection for medical professionals who object to participating in MAiD or offering it to their patients.  Each provincial legislature in Canada can create a legal framework to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals.
Presently, only Manitoba has enacted simple yet comprehensive legislation which protects medical professionals who refuse to participate in MAiD from legal prosecution. Additionally, the Manitoba legislation prevents a professional regulatory body (such as any association of physicians or nurses) from requiring its members to participate in MAiD. This legislation passed
in 2017 with all-party support in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.
Manitoba has created a template which every provincial government should copy. With growing concern among medical professionals over the expanding eligibility of MAiD, now is the time for provincial governments across Canada to act.

Over eighteen months, more than 3500 Saskatchewan signed a petition asking the Saskatchewan Legislature to pass legislation that protects Conscience Rights for Medical Professionals. This petition was submitted in January 2024. 

Petitions by Constituency

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